Ramadan Special Motivation #1


Hello Eeverybodyyy

Hope you all are well. I am all good fine shine going great. As some people know its a Holy month for Muslims. We fast from dawn to dusk. And stop all our bad habits. We don’t eat or drink. We pray and do all good deeds to chase our iman.

So to wake up for fajr very early morning some times we got lazy in order to get up and pray our salah we should remember that Its for Allah (SWT) . The dedication and sincerity towards Allah.

wudu in this hot weather with cold water it feels amazing.Prayer and dua must. Reading Quran (The holy book).

Remember the rewards.


Byyyyeeee love and huygggxx because they are free. And prayers for the people/Countries who are not well and in miserable situation.

Stay Safe Stay Happy:)

Spread Love and Happiness❤ 

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14 thoughts on “Ramadan Special Motivation #1

  1. Imran Ali says:

    “Zafar aadmi usko na janiyega ho woh kaisa hi sahib-e-fehm-o-zaka,
    Jise aish mein yad e khuda na rahee,jise taish mein khauff e khuda na raha.””

    “Zafar call him not a person,no matter how pure and pious he seems,
    one who forgets God in times of luxury and the one who fears not God in times of anger.”
    -Bahadur Shah Zafar

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