Olive Green Eyes


Hello Everybodyyyyy

Hope you all are well.Mondays are mostly hard but still I have monday blues but still feeling all well and good 🙂 Weekend was awesome I did few looks will post them soon. And the weather is so Hot here you can barely stand for 10 mints.

So I came up with this look a week back And I posted a picture as well on instagram. I thought of sharing details here as well.


Makeup details:

Foundation: TV Paint Stick by Kryolan (FS45)

Concealer: NYX Orange Color Corrector & Collection Lasting Concealer

Powder: Artistry Mineral Powder (Light)

Eye Shadows: Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette and Loose Pigment of Mac

Waterline: L’Oreal Black Kohl Pencil

Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash (Blackest Black)

Highlighting: Champagne pop highlighter and Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

Contour: NYX Highlight & Contour Palette

Blusher: Sleek Antique

Eye Brows: Rimmel Bro Pencil – Dark Brown

Lipstick: Just a Local Brand :/

Liner: Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Makeup Brushes: Morphe & Makeup Addiction Cosmetic

Setting Spray: Urban Decay Chill Cooling & Hydrating Spray


Let me know in the comments box what do think about this look?

Please recommend any good quality camera I don’t find Iphone 6 camera that much satisfying that it can capture my makeup smooth and clear any affordable good quality camera because i am not rich😛

Byyyyeeee love and huygggxx because they are free. And prayers for the people/Countries who are not well and in miserable situation.

Stay Safe Stay Happy:)

Spread Love and Happiness❤ 

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