Behind The Blog featuring Glamorous Etoiles…

Behind The Blog featuring Glamorous Etoiles… Get to know me more ❤

Glamorous Etoiles

Don’t you just hate it when you spend an hour online looking for the perfect sandals only to find them & discover they’re all sold out of your size?! *sob*

I couldn’t believe it. I’d literally trailed through every online store looking for the perfect summer shoes… and when I finally found what I wanted they had every size but mine in stock. Worst of all they’re on sale – typical. It never ceases to amaze me just how ‘sods law’ life can be at times. Needless to say I settled for a second pair, but they just didn’t have the same wow. However no doubt their arrival will kick start the hunt for a great pedi polish… recommendations needed gals! 😀

Oh, and before it escapes me thank y’all soooo much for the flood of comments yesterday on World Meet Boris: A Fluffy Kittens YouTube Debut… you certainly spoilt our cheeky little…

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4 thoughts on “Behind The Blog featuring Glamorous Etoiles…

  1. bdarielle says:

    Totally agree with you on that sold out issue. Never fails, when it’s something you’ve been wanting and all the sizes are available BUT yours lol life is funny.

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