New Lipsticks :D



Hello Everybody,

Hope you all are doing great and having an awesome bombastic Thursday. I am all good and fine shine 😀 Weekend is around the corner 😉

So recently i have been to a local drugstore for some stuff for home so I thought why not to check the cosmetic section as well so I picked few lipsticks which I am lovin ❤

Ok so from left is Toffee Twist which is semi matte. Beautiful baby pink sort of color looks very pretty with neutral eyes.


here is the swatch

After that it’s Rose Candy which is a semi matte.


here is the swatch

Then its Dark Coco which is matte. I have been wearing this color every day since I have bought it. There is a makeup look on my blog with this lip color as well if anyone wants to see 😀


here is the swatch

 Last one is Matte Gold Opal. Its matte but at the same time shimmery as well it has a hint of a pink in it.


These lipsticks are from Medora.They are very pigmented and good quality lipsticks packaging is cheap and plastic but overall the product is great it stay on for along time on lips without cracking and melting.

Let me know if anyone has use them? if yes which colors so we can share 😀 sharing is caring ❤

Byyyyeeee love and huygggxx because they are free. And prayers for the people/Countries who are not well and in miserable situation.

Stay Safe Stay Happy:)

Spread Love and Happiness❤ 

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