My Go To Blushers

Hello Everybody Hope you all are well fine shine bombastic and Rocking. I am all good and well. So when it comes to blusher I am always into pinks and corals I dont why but I love pink cheeks more than any other.

They look cute and natural. I have three of my favt go to blushers which I going to share with you all.



I am obsessed with this blusher.Its more of a baby pink with a hint of a silver shimmer You can wear it as a highlighter or a blusher. Its so pigmented and the constancy is powdery you can build up a color on your cheek it doesn’t look cakey.

2. Makeup Revolution London : HOT


Ok so its a drug store product from Makeup Revolution.Its not shocking pink or baby pink it just in between like bright pink. This shade is very pretty. And its affordable because its drug store and pigmented as well. A little goes a long way.

3. MUA (MakeUp Academy) : CANDYFLOSS


So this one is from again drug store from MUA Makeup Academy .Its a shimmery pink with slightly purple hint in it. Affordable yet pigmented.

So these are my favt go to blushers. let me know yours in the comment box so we can share because sharing is caring.

Byyyyeeee love and huygggxx because they are free. And prayers for the people/Countries who are not well and in miserable situation. Spread Love and Happiness ❤ 🙂

*p.s sorry for the bad quality pictures 😛

17 thoughts on “My Go To Blushers

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  2. amelialjones says:

    The Makeup Revolution Blushes is one of my go-to’s too. Also, if you can easily buy KIKO products, I really recommend you try one of the Water Eyeshadows in Champagne or Light Gold – they make the most AMAZING highlight. Sounds weird I know, just try it, they are uber pigmented and glowy – trust me x


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