Mini Beauty Haul


Hellloooo Everybody

Hope everyone is having a bombastic saturday and fine shine.I am all well and so happy because I got few makeup products. YaayyY.

So first things first Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating Easter today. 😀 with that been sad lets start.

  1. Mayelline Newyork Insta Age Rewind


My all time favt product I have been using this product seen last year one of my close friend introduce me to this product at first I didn’t like it I don’t know but then after some time I just fell in love with this product.And since then I haven’t try any other and using this.

2. NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer ( Orange)

So everybody was creating a hype on instagram that this is an amazing product so I thought why not to give it a try so I have bought this product.I will use it and definitely give my opinion on this product.

3. ColourPop (Lunch Money)

Ok so this one is so creamy and pigmented I just in love. Its a Lunch Money from colourpop an Online company on instagram.

4. Morphe Brushes

Everybody knows Morphe Brushes I got M460 which is a flat contour brush and the other one is M439 which is a buffer brush. They are so cool I mean they are so perfect.Just lovin them.


So that completes my mini beauty haul.Let me know in comment box if anyone is using any of this product. Sharing is caring as you know.

Bye love and huggyyzz because they are freee.. 🙂 ❤


5 thoughts on “Mini Beauty Haul

  1. christyy2010 says:

    I’ve been meaning to repurchase that concealer !! I used to use it religiously back in the day and I miss it lol. Colourpop highlighters are awesome 👍I have a few myself! Curious to hear your thoughts on that nyx product lol some of those correctors on the market are insanely expensive! I do own that morphe contour brush it’s perfect for contouring and baking!:)


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