My Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Brand

Heeloooo Everybody,

Hope everyone is well.And having a bombastic day if not here is a bigggg hugggyy so you can be happy.I am set fine shine 😀 just busy with the work and I have started going gym so my body is is hella alot sore. With that been said lets just straight get into the topic.

So most favt brand:

1.Makeup Revolution London


So this brand is my most favt drug store brand.The quality of the products are so excellent and as the time is passing there makeup game is getting more strong they are bringing those products which are highly demanded and first they only have eye shadows and blusher and makeup palettes but now they have a heck of a products like brushes makeup removers contour kits highlighters nail colors foundations with a lot of color range.There lipsticks are so pigmented and stay all day long.

Lastly they are so affordable.



So Rimmel is another top brand which I love and they are so good with there rang I am absolutely  loving there lipsticks, Kohl pencils, Foundations.They are so affordable yet so long lasting and there eye liners are very good.



The best and the awesome products range brand.So good and famous for they mascaras cute baby lips and long lasting lipsticks.foundations and concealers are way too good last year they came out with nude palettes they were so good I think they still have them in there rang.There master contour kit is very pigmented and buttery when u apply.

4. MUA


MUA is very cool brand in a sense that they have very good quality products with affordable prices.They have limited amount of products as compare to other brands there palettes are very pigmented and lipstick are good quality.I use there lipsticks and eye shadow palettes when i am in hurry and have no time so just grab them and out them in my bag they are very handy and comfy to carry in bag. Lovely brand



who isn’t familiar with L’Oreal the top class brand from hair to makeup and skin care they have been ruling in makeup industry for years and years.Awesome brand with affordable products very good quality products depending on the skin type.lipsticks mascara hair sprays everything is super cool and great.


So that’s it my top 5 favt brands there are so many more brands which i love but top 5 and easy to go brands on daily bases are these.I do love high end products but cant afford so much of them so this is what it is.Anyways I hope you guys enjoy my post and give it a thumbs up ❤

Let me know if you have use any of this drug store brands.I would love to know and also tell me how are you feeling today?

Love and huyyggxx all the way from my side to your side 🙂 ❤


25 thoughts on “My Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Brand

  1. beautyglossips says:

    I absolutely LOVE Maybelline! Such great quality for the price 🙂 Makeup Revolution is my second fav ❤ But then I have to wait for someone to come from the UK with my list of stuff haha. We don't get it here in Qata. Unfortunately L'Oreal is no more a drugstore product
    . Most of their products are expensive :/


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