My Favt Aminated Movie

Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is having a happyyy friday 😀 I am all well. Not everyday is a beauty day sometimes you need change. Its about movies today.So when it comes to movies I am fan of either animated movies and comedy movies and ofcourse Bollywood.When i was a kid I use to watch Lion King and Dumbo all the time.they were my favt.they are still my favt but when Minions and kung fu panda came out I was like Omg! They are my favt now they are so cool animated and the characters are so cute.

But Most favt one is Minions 😀 minions-01

Aren’t they cute.They are small yellow color cell type organisms.There expressions,they way they walk and talk is absolutely mind blowing.they speak banana language.


They are awesome in short. 😀 ❤ Do check them out on this weekend 🙂


Kevin,Stuart and Bob

Let me know if anyone have seen all there movies and love them  😀

Love and huuuggggxxx because they are free 😀 ❤ 😉


8 thoughts on “My Favt Aminated Movie

  1. TheMakeupCase17 says:

    I love the Minions. However, I feel they work best as supporting characters like in the Despicable Me movies. Their own movie was cute & funny but not as good as Despicable Me or the sequel, which was disappointing.


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