Review: Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray



Hellllooo Everbody 🙂  Gooooood Morning My lovely Followers ❤

Hope everyone is fine shine and having a great awesome day because its Monday 😀

Well I am all well fine and rocking.So talking about reviews I need some serious long time to give a review so about this one urban decay makeup setting spray.I bought this last year like in June. And there was a hell alot of hype about this product amazing reviews and awesome product Well the hype was right because this makeup setting is worth the money.My makeup was like on point and was staying heck a long time.


Here in Pakistan Karachi Its really hot and you sweat a lot if you are outside so this cooling and hydrating spray gives you instant chill on your face through out the day.It controls your makeup from melting.And its oil free so there is no chance you can get oil on your face.And I didnt breakout after using this. 😉


I am lavvveeeein this makeup setting spray ❤

Let me know in the comment box who else has use it. ❤



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