Review: Nivea Day Cream


Hellooooo Everybody

Hope everyone is enjoying there Friday because weekend is here and its gonna be a  party time. So I got this nivea product year ago that time my skin was going crazy breakouts and dryness was on peak.One day I was roaming around in superdrug (London) and just randomly I picked this product up and thought oh well!Lets just try this because it say sensitive and dry.And my skin is very sensitive so I bought this.

So I came home try the product and I was well okay! The consistency was good.It was moisturizing and at the same time it was not oily or greasy at all.I tried couple of weeks and I felt my skin was getting better and soft and that patchiness because of dryness was gone.


After couple of weeks I was totally In love with this product and the size is so cute and small you can put in your hand bag. The formulation is good and It didn’t breakout.It has SPF15 as well that’s why its a day cream.

Lastly this moisturizer is good anybody who likes nivea and need any affordable moisturizer can try this product 🙂

Let me know in the comment box anybody who has use this product or any other nivea product so we can share some knowledge because sharing is caring ❤ 🙂

Love and Hugggyyzz because they are free 🙂


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