Review: St.Ives Scrub


Hello Everyoneee

Hope everyone is cool and chilling.Happy Thursday btw one day left then weekend.I am still under the weather having sore throat and blocked nose.

So for the past couple pf weeks I have been using this St.Ives scrub.I have used one tube before as well but that was apricot scrub from the same brand.So I thought why not to change and try this one.


Its a moderate exfoliation scrub.Its very smooth when you apply to your face but you can still feel tiny grains on your face which helps clear your dry and dead skin.Its basically for radiant and bright skin.Its for sensitive skin as well it didn’t break me out and its not harsh on skin.Its parabens free and hypoallergenic.The fragrance of this product is very like tangy.My skin got even tone after using this couple of times.This product worked for me.


If you are looking for the product which is affordable and light for skin I think this is the right product.

Let me know in the comments box if anyone has used any of this type of scrub.and it worked. 🙂 so we can share some knowledge about the products because sharing is caring ❤

Byeeeee Love and huggys because they are free 🙂 ❤


23 thoughts on “Review: St.Ives Scrub

  1. puddlesofinkk says:

    Wow this is a blast from the past! Haven’t used this in years but I could remember the smell the second you described it! Great post 😀


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