30 Facts About Me :)


Hello Awesome people,

Welcome back to my blog.So Its Friday today that means party day because no office or school tomorrow.Just chilling and happy atmosphere around. I was sitting and thought why not to do a facts post because all other posts on my page are either makeup,reviews and etc. So with that been said lets just straight get into the facts theme 😛

(BTW yesterday was not a good day 😦 )

  1. I am very easy going and straight forward personality
  2. I just love eating Biryani (Pakistani dish)
  3. I love mangoes
  4. I love going out
  5. I have done my undergrad from London
  6. I love long hand nails
  7. I am obsessed with Red color
  8. I love wearing heel as my height is short
  9. I am 4ft 10 inches
  10. I am very ambitious
  11. I am shopaholic
  12. I love makeup
  13. I have really long hairs
  14. I have small eyes
  15. I love wearing dresses
  16. My star is Leo
  17. My mum and dad calls me ladu
  18. I use to be a fat potato then lost 13kgs
  19. I say A LOT of stupid things and when I say a lot..I mean it
  20. I hate playing sports
  21. My favorite youtube stars are Jaclyn Hill,Lilly Singh, Zoella, Khushal Beauty,fousey tube, MannyMua.
  22. I am quite private when it comes to my feelings.
  23. My favorite movie is HAZRAT YOUSUF AS Islamic MOVIE
  24. I can cook ^.^
  25. I am a Good swimmer
  26. I love driving
  27. I Love reading
  28. I want to study more and more
  29. I love spending time with my family
  30. I love Disney…who doesn’t?

So that’s pretty much it 30 facts about me! There are plenty more facts about me but for know I think its OK 🙂

I hope you enjoy this post and could relate to some of these.


Byeeeeeeeeeeee Now ❤

Huggyss and Loveee 🙂


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