Reflections Before Bedtime #69

Blogged Because I just felt to share it with every woman ❤

"Expect Miracles"

imageBy: Gabriela Yareliz

To be.

We aren’t talking about “to have” or “to do,” but “to be.”

I was talking* with someone recently, and we were discussing how we always celebrate what people do (selectively), but we don’t exactly celebrate who people are.

We’ll celebrate a football player who body slams another, but he could be the most broken person on the planet who beats his wife or something. But he ran with a ball, yay.

I wish we had goggles that show the soul. Anyway, if we were less superficial, we’d see the soul; it just takes a little more than a first glance. Not everything that glitters is gold, babes…

And while it’s important to see people’s souls, it’s even more important to think of what we see in our own souls.

Who do you want to be? Are you that person?

I loved this quote from Diane…

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