Review: Almay wake up



Hello everybody,

Welcome back to my blog.hope you all are well.So from the past couple of months i have been using this mineral powder makeup.and i thought why not to give a review on this as almay is a well know beauty brand.I used in the shade naked (030) At the first minute trying on, I absolutely adored it.

Extremely fine powder, not caked at all, which really surprise me, since so many powder foundations have such problem.It makes my face look glowy and matte at the same time and I like the fact that it comes with a brush,I don’t usually like the brushes that come with products but this one was super soft and was fun to use because you have to dip it in water and then dip in powder and then apply on face and the coverage is great i used under my eyes and on the spots where i need a bit of coverage and its great for the winter months, plus it’s got a light (13) SPF in it, which I like as well. It lasts long, and keeps my skin feeling hydrated.

Overall I like this product. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or break me out.I will buy again.and recommend if anybody is looking for loose mineral powder.
Thankss for checking out my blog.
love and huggyxxxx

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