Review:New Look Baked Blusher

Hello beautiful people,   

Welcome back to my blog.I hope everybody is doing great and awesome.I discovered this blusher last year when New Look the clothing brand came up with there makeup line.I just picked few makeup items to give it a try.I picked lipsticks,lip liner,golden highlighter and this baked blusher.

This blusher is in shade 70|pink undertone but give you coraly pink shade when you apply.This blusher has shimmer in it due to which it act as highlighter as well.The pigmentation is very high Quality.I got this blusher for 8 pounds(GBP).


For 8 pounds(GBP) you are getting 0.32oz.And thats alot for the price and the quality you are paying cause its going to last you for long time and the formulation is very just dab the brush one time and apply and it last long.

 Its Paraben free and dermatologically  tested and for sensitive it doesn’t react and it gives you very smooth looking shimmery pinky cheeks.

Thanks for checking my blog 🙂

stayed tuned to more reviews and makeup looks.


Love and huggyxxx


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