Review: Kabuki Brushes

Hello Beautiful ladies around the world 🙂

Hope you all fine shine. So the product i am going to review about is you can tell by title Kabuki Brushes. They are 10 PCs makeup brushes Foundation, Blusher, Blending Cosmetic tool set.they are made of synthetic hair and wooden handle

So starting off with long set which include

Precision Tapered: This brush is easy for the areas where concealer is harder to reach such as around the Eyes, Nose, Chin and around the south.the brush is very soft and very handy.

Precision Round: This brush is very basically round and for applying primer or eye shadow this is the best ever brush I have used.

Precision Flat: this brush is not that used because I find it not so okay, but I used it for my blemishes and other small imperfection

Precision Flat Angled: This brush is best for any concealer products on the face.I find it very easy for precise application of concealer on side of my face.

Precision Angled: perfect brush when it comes to sides of my nose and hollows of my cheeks.


Coming on to short brushes

Tapered Kabuki: this brush is a life saver I feel so much comfortable while using this brush flawless results after apply any type of foundations on a face.

Round Kabuki: perfect brush for mineral products onto my skin.

Angled Kabuki: best contour and bronzer brush so soft and nicely sharp angled i get from this brush.

Flat Kabuki: for my forehead and cheeks this brush sets the liquid and cream products very easily.

Flat Angled Kabuki: perfect angled brush the angle fits all the areas of my face seamlessly and the amazing result after using this brush.

Lastly, you can find these brushes on eBay or amazon just type in kabuki brushes and there you go.

Thanks for checking out on my blog
Love and huggyxxx



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